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Every Looktech Enameling Die utilizes a sapphire tip which makes it possible to evenly coat magnet wire with a variety of enamels. Looktech Enameling Dies are much tougher and much more durable compared to the dies made without the sapphire tip. Looktech Enameling Dies are suited to faster, precision enameling, for creating magnet wires with thin, highly insulating, and evenly-coated enamel.

Looktech Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 as the first manufacturer of tools and equipment using industrial jewels in KOREA.

About LOOKTECH Enameling Dies

  • The die tip is made of a single crystal sapphire, which is extremely tough against wear and tear, heat, chemicals, and corrosion I much tougher than a tungsten carbide tip).
  • The inside surface of the die is highly polished in order to minimize friction, for smooth enameling. A specially designed reduction angle keeps the wire right at the center of the die while enameling.
  • The inside diameter of the die tip is available from as small as 0.035mm, or 1.38 mils (for horizontal type).

Advantages of Using Looktech Enameling Dies

  • The dies will dramatically reduce "out of roundness" of the coated enamel, and will enable you to create an even coating.
  • Deviation of the outside diameter of the coated wire will be minimal after enameling is completed.
  • Enamel leakage from the die tip will be minimal. Therefore, wire breakage caused by enamel beads will also be minimal.
  • Extra tough die tip, extra stable quality, extra long life, and extra cost savings.

Die types, Material, and Compatibility

  • Horizontal Type OED-1,OED-2,OED-3
    • Inside Tip Diameter: 0.05mm~1.600mm
    • Tip Diameter Sequence:0.005mm
    • Die Material :SUS304
    • Compatibility :Die will be custom-designed to fit your needs
  • Vertical type OED-4,OED-5
    • Inside Tip Diameter: 0.200mm~2.600mm
    • Tip Diameter Sequence:0.010mm
    • Die Material : SUS304
    • Compatibility :Die will be custom-designed to fit your needs

Die Tip Material and Characteristics

  • Die Tip Material :Single Crystal Sapphire - Knoop Hardness:1,500~2,000 - Coefficient of Friction:0.14
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