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WEDM GUIDE (Guides for wire-cut EDM machines)

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Wire-Cut EDM Machining ?

It is the process to make goods through applying high tension between two things.

Machining precision is maximum 0.1  ( =1/1000 mm).

It is processed by CNC (Numerical control)

Generally nonferrous metal with diameter 0.05mm~0.33mm is used as wire.

To make the wire with below 0.1mm,  tungsten-molybdenum is applied.

And to make the wire with  above 0.1mm, copper is used.


-To make wire for WEDM, we use  diamond which has high abrasion-resistance to

   bear long lasting abrasion.

- To resist high voltage,  we design the insulation for EDM.

- To reduce abrasion from the process and to do smooth work of wire, we do the polishing

   process of ultra precision.

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