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Dispenser Nozzles

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Dispenser Nozzle is used in the sealing process for bonding glass plate or the liquid crystal process for injecting liquid crystal. So it is requested to keep high precision and durability. We, Looktech, can keep all of customer’s demand with our high technology and quality control.



• All of material is used to make the product which keep the customer’s demand.

  ( Tungsten carbide, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, SUS etc.)

• Thanks to the little friction of the inner diameter of our dispenser nozzle through

   the precision polishing, it isonvenient to inject high coefficient of viscosity.

• The inner diameter of the nozzle is optimized to get soft flow of the liquid.

• With high tolerance control, our nozzle has high precision.

• We can produce the custom production to keep the customer’s demand.

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